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Chinese Haute Cuisine

hobby - 24 Oct 2018

Earlier this year I gave my wife a romantic diner for two for her birthday — Mexican Emotional Cuisine — as the kite surfing lessons I gave her the year before weren’t a huge success. Last week when I turned 40 she returned the favor in a spectacular way. She took me to a Chinese restaurant Zheng that has a Michelin star.

Chef Han Ji opened his French-Chinese fusion restaurant in 2009 called HanTing Cuisine. It was the first French-Chinese cuisine restaurant in the Netherlands and the first one to receive a Michelin star. After five successful years he started working on a new concept based on healthy food, culture, art and ancient ceremonies of the Chinese Empire. The new restaurant Zheng opened earlier this year;

Zheng takes us to the Chinese Empire, where at one time, on the day after New Year, the most important officials were invited to an extensive Zheng banquet. It was an impressive spectacle where the table was fully adorned with luxurious food and drinks, all of which were served according to ancient ceremonies. As culinary establishment Zheng takes a deep bow to the Chinese (food) culture, the ancient traditions and the ritual acts. The four most important types of Chinese cuisine are presented in 12 chapters per evening, with a different Chinese cooking technique and an art object being presented centrally during each chapter.

Our diner had 7 courses (or chapters) and it was a truly amazing experience. The food was exquisite, the space well designed and the atmosphere very relaxed. However, we’ve had a few rough nights the days before our diner due to our kids waking us up in the middle of the night (as they tend to do occasionally). The diner was really spectacular, but at the end we were happy that we ‘only’ had 7 courses instead of the full blown 12 course menu.

I would highly recommend this restaurant if you are into this kind of dining, and I’d like to thank my wife for taking me there! 🇨🇳