Gert-Jan van der Wel

Hey! My name is Gert-Jan van der Wel. I'm 41 years old, Dutch, married and have three little kids. I co-founded Floorplanner and I'm currently transitioning from running the technology dept to the sales dept. In between family and work, I like to ride my road bike whenever I can.

Here I share what I'm up to and working on at the moment. I aim to update it every few weeks. If you want me to send you an email whenever I wrote something new, you can sign up here.

Photo Realistic Interior Rendering

work - 18 Jul 2018

Photo-realistic interior rendering We are experimenting with photo-realistic interior renderings at Floorplanner. A photo-realistic interior rendering is a 3D visualization of a decorated room that looks like a photo. See the sample above, in the bottom left corner you can see the 2D view of a kitchen, in the bottom right corner a real-time preview of the interior and on top the final photo-realistic rendering. This is an imaginary getaway made on Floorplanner which I might need as my kids actually started to use the tree house I built them.

A few months ago we rolled out the first version of the camera feature in the editor. This camera feature makes it possible to create interior renderings right from your floor plan and it gives fast and amazing results. The big difference with this photo-realistic rendering is that it is “physically correct”, which means that the lighting is actually realistic, resulting in much more beautiful interior visualizations. The trade-off here is that it takes us a lot longer to create these photo-realistic images. But with the combination of powerful GPU servers in the Google Cloud and NVIDIA’s AI denoising we can now create HD photo-realistic images within minutes!

Photo-realistic interior renderings are beautiful, they can be created straight from your floor plan, it only takes minutes to create them, they will be cheap and they will be available soon. I hope this will be useful feature for anyone who’s involved in interior design and real estate visualizations.