Gert-Jan van der Wel

Hey! My name is Gert-Jan van der Wel. I'm 41 years old, Dutch, married and have three little kids. I co-founded Floorplanner and I'm currently transitioning from running the technology dept to the sales dept. In between family and work, I like to ride my road bike whenever I can.

Here I share what I'm up to and working on at the moment. I aim to update it every few weeks. If you want me to send you an email whenever I wrote something new, you can sign up here.

Interior Festival HUB

work - 16 Nov 2018

Jeroen and I just returned from the Interprint Interior Festival called HUB in the Ruhr of Germany. It’s only 220km from Rotterdam, but it took us four trains to get there. We had to hurry a few times to catch our next train, but we both enjoy traveling by train, so the 3 hour trip was no trouble at all.

The event was a combination of lectures, exhibitions and networking while enjoying a drink and a bite. The world is changing fast and this event is a way for Interprint to talk to many people in the industry to figure out what the future could look like, and what their role in it could be.

Interprint is a 125 year old family-run company and one of the leading decor printers in the world. Their 29 massive production presses print 1.7 billion square meters of paper a year — roughly the size of the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands — with wood, stone and creative decors. These prints are then used for the manufacturing of furniture, laminate flooring and interior finishes.

We were invited to the HUB event because Interprint is going to partner with us. We have a very active community of design enthusiasts that use our apps to create the most amazing interior designs. Interprint wants to work with our community to get more insights into which prints could become popular, to see if it’s possible to discover trends. So we are very excited about this opportunity as it allows our community to design with the beautiful decors of Interprint, and it will give our customers a new way to become trend watchers.