Gert-Jan van der Wel

Hey! My name is Gert-Jan van der Wel. I'm 41 years old, Dutch, married and have three little kids. I co-founded Floorplanner and I'm currently transitioning from running the technology dept to the sales dept. In between family and work, I like to ride my road bike whenever I can.

Here I share what I'm up to and working on at the moment. I aim to update it every few weeks. If you want me to send you an email whenever I wrote something new, you can sign up here.

3D Tours

work - 15 Oct 2019

At Floorplanner, we make tools that help you create, design and visualize spaces. That may sound a bit vague, but that’s because our tools are used for numerous things. Over 20 million people from all over the world use Floorplanner for a variety of reasons; to refurbish a room in their house, or to plan a garden party or to dream about a their castle in the sky.

In the real estate industry Floorplanner is used by agents and photographers to create floor plans to sell houses. On the commercial side, companies like IWG (owner of Regus, Spaces etc) use Floorplanner to create designs of their offices for potential tenants. In the interior design industry it’s used by furniture retailers like Ethan Allen, who uses it in their 300 stores to help designers create a visualization of how their products could look in their space. And companies like Rogue Fitness do something similar, but with fitness equipment.

The visualizations on Floorplanner started out very simply - with rendering plain black & white and colored 2D floor plan images. Then we added the ability to render 3D floor plan images. Next came rendering interior images (in different qualities) and after that came panoramas. We now have an astounding new way to visualize a room or a complete floor level. We call it 3D Tours. 3D Tours look great, and users can look and move around freely in their plans.

Take a look at the 3D Tour here:

You can’t make any changes to the room(s) when you are inside a 3D Tour, but eventually, we want it to be possible to change the color of walls and ceilings and to apply different floorings while inside the tour. Another thing could be useful are product markers, to get more info about certain products. So keep an eye out for future updates. Oh! The 3D Tour works in VR too.