Gert-Jan van der Wel

Hey! My name is Gert-Jan van der Wel. I'm 41 years old, Dutch, married and have three little kids. I co-founded Floorplanner and I'm currently transitioning from running the technology dept to the sales dept. In between family and work, I like to ride my road bike whenever I can.

Here I share what I'm up to and working on at the moment. I aim to update it every few weeks. If you want me to send you an email whenever I wrote something new, you can sign up here.

Marketing Journey

work - 08 Nov 2019

I’m transitioning from a lead role in tech, to a role heading Floorplanner’s sales & marketing. In the past Floorplanner could only be used for creating floor plans - hence the name - but since our major update at the end of 2018, it’s perfect for designing interiors too. Since then, it seems like our market has shifted greatly from floor planning to interior designing.

At the beginning of 2019, we started focusing our sales efforts on large customers in the US, and it has not been in vain. We have since signed up three of the top 25 biggest home furniture retailers in the US. They are now using or will soon use Floorplanner in their stores all across the country. The designers of these retailers will use Floorplanner in-store as a way to help their clients visualize their room, with the company’s furniture in it.

Admittedly, we do very little marketing. Our site is sort of naturally “self-sustaining.” Many people find it on their own, leading to thousands of new sign-up’s every day. However, at a conference for home stagers in Las Vegas last summer, we noticed that most of the designers didn’t know about Floorplanner. They were using either CAD software or good old pencil and paper. However, they got really excited about Floorplanner when we showed it to them. It allows them to design spaces faster, to try out different things more easily and to process customer feedback quicker. Successfully completing their goal of creating beautiful spaces and thus happy customers.

This video is the result of a photoshoot in NYC. It’s our very first attempt to tell interior designers about Floorplanner and to have them start using it for their design projects. We will run it on Instagram and YouTube, but also on Pinterest and LinkedIn. I’m excited to get our marketing campaigns started and looking forward to where this journey will take us.